Our Services

“We have the passion, capabilities & experience to provide services that will improve your business/service efficiency”
Onyi McLivingstone
Programs Director

Our services are about relevance in a fast paced world; we are here to ensure that our clients are equipped for 21st century challenges. These services are not stand-alone, they are rooted in the broader institutional/organizational objectives, strategic plans, national development strategies and sustainable development goals. We are bold to state that our services are problem-solving tools, designed to address the root causes of our clients’ needs. The programs are aimed to both inform and transform people and institutions/organisations at large.

Services List


  • Local Site Trainings & Workshops (conducted within Nigeria)
  • Foreign Site Trainings & Workshop (conducted outside Nigeria)




  • Staff Training
  • Recruitment & Placement
  • Process Audit
  • Manpower Audits
  • Strategic Planning Services
  • Proposal Writing
  • Business Plan Writing



Training Programs

  • Leadership & Administrative Competency Training: An executive program aimed at equipping participants with leadership and administrative strategies for effectiveness & good governance. It addresses topics relating to administrative structuring, planning, financial management, decision making, personnel administration, performance management, project cycles, ethics, etc.
  • Local Government Basic Education (LGBE): Our Basic Education Programs are designed to equip participants with relevant foundational knowledge & skills in both functional (core ‘what to do’ areas) and competency (‘how to do’ area) They are two-structure trainings.
  • Parliamentary Competency Building Training: A learner-focused & strategic effectiveness training for Legislators required to build & enhance the skillset necessary for translating their well meaning concepts, ideas, laws & bills into tangible projects & developmental activities. The training address competencies in Leadership, Administration & Management.
  • Policy Development & Implementation in Government:
  • Stakeholders in Education Trainings: Various trainings, workshops & comparative  studies for Leaders in the Education sector in Nigeria that equip them with knowledge & skills for re-positioning & futuring Education.
  • Mindset & Attitude Change Trainings (MACTs): This is a reform-training program designed to re-orientate & re-organise the individual Nigerian, Institutions & Organizations by reforming & developing mindsets that inspire a new culture for Growth, Efficiency Productivity, Good Governance & Patriotism in Nigeria.

How we Deliver

We employ a coaching approach to our service delivery. For our training programs, we adopt the “participatory Learning Approach”, where participants’ inputs and opinions drive the training. This is in line with global best practice under the Student Centered Problem Solving (SCPS) method of training which sees the student/trainee as the most important category in the learning and teaching process. What more? We make learning fun & practicable, employing case studies, group sessions, thought-stimulating games and activities. Through our Destination Trainings, clients also have the option of choosing a location for a training program and we organize the logistics.uired.

  • Imagine an effective service delivery by your Department, Commission or Ministry.
  • Imagine your Business Operations & Staff optimzed to deliver increased profit at low cost.