Company overview

MCL Capacity Development & Associates is a training & development Service Platform for public sector institutions. We are passionate about the effectiveness of the Public Sector in Nigeria and have translated that passion into this service platform to build the capacity of public sector institutions through customized management and administrative programs.
We know that capacity building is key to achieving institutional development, where institutional development is the foundation for nation building & national development. Our strategic capacity development services are aimed at empowering & guiding all stakeholders in the public sector to contribute effectively through their roles.

Our vision for public sector institutions in Nigeria is that of professionalism and 100% effectiveness in service delivery and our strategy is to education, inspire, incite and mold the workforce

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Onyi McLivingstone
CEO /, Capacity Development Consultant


A Capacity Development agency firstly, for Nigerian public sector institutions and then Africa’s, key for building a patriotic and effective workforce & systems.

Our vision for public sector institutions in Nigeria is that of professionalism and 100% effectiveness in service delivery and our strategy is to Education, Inspire, Incite and Mold the workforce as well as transform systems through our service programs. We believe that we can have a public service that parallels the private sector. This is our mission.

For MCL Capacity Development & Associates the big picture is national development and we know that developing a nation is more than building structures but building the capacity of individuals and institutions and empowering them towards creativity, all founded on a patriotic spirit.

We see ourselves as a service tool for institutional development.

Our Advantages

Our vision and purpose distinguish us from other similar service providers and is our edge. The desire to be a key tool in Nigeria’s public sector reformation and inspires patriotism inspired our solution-oriented services, approach and methodologies. The following spells out our advantageous edge:

  • The Uniqueness of Our Programs: our programs in addition to the general knowledge building, build patriotism, transform mindsets & attitudes and inspire creativity
  • Output and Impact of Our Services: the impact of our services improve growth, productivity and good governance in the Nation.
  • Follow-Up Strategy: through our coaching approach we follow through any service provided and ensure that it was well delivered, it is being employed and adjustment services are available if required.

Our Hub

The engine of our organization is the people, our team of professionals who have garnered experience and skills from various sectors and are committed to capacity development. Our team of support staff and consultants know for one factor: commitment to national development, and these individuals have transformed their skills and professional experiences to services that will promote growth and development in Nigeria. Our facilitators are knowledgeable, experienced and committed. They are professionals with both private and public sector experience and track records of delivery in education, training and development consultancy. They employ best practices coupled with industry knowledge to ensure learning has occurred.

MCL Capacity Development & Associates is headed by a Programs Director who is in charge of initiating, directing and implementing all services of the organization with a team of

Programs Director